Duluth History

Arco Coffee Building  

The Andresen Ryan Coffee Company started in Duluth in 1916. It was founded by G.A. Andresen and W.J. Ryan. The ARCO name comes from the company’s original name, the Andresen and Ryan Co. The company produced coffee for many years in the ARCO Building at 14 E Michigan Street in Duluth. When Lake Avenue was realigned in the early 1980s, the company relocated to Superior, Wisconsin, where it still operates today. The old ARCO building was torn down in 1981.

One thought on “Duluth History

  1. I grew up on ARCO coffee it my home town of Hancock MI. and haven’t found any equal to it since. However for many years I had trouble finding it, but I have found a local store that has started selling it again and I am very pleased.

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