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Minnesota Legislators Past & Present

A biographical database from the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library covering all Minnesota legislators back to territorial times. Search by name, birth year, educational institution, county served,  city of residence (when first elected) and more. Information varies, but can include age, occupation, education, family relationships, other government services, sessions served, and committees.

Past Christmas weather in Duluth

The climatological term of a “White-Christmas” is defined as having one inch of snow on the ground, or snow depth,  on Christmas Day. Here are some records of past Christmas weather.

Duluth All-Time Records 

Least snowiest Christmas (measured snow depth on Christmas Day)

0 inch…1979, 1939, 1923
1 inch…1999, 1997, 1984, 1967
2 inches…2002

Information provided by the National Weather Service.

More Duluth Christmas weather records here.

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