Lyceum Theater

Lyceum Theater, 423-431 West Superior Street.

The Lyceum Theater was called “the finest place of amusement in the Northwest.” Traphagen and Fitzpatrick designed the brick and brownstone structure with four massive corner towers and arched windows. The triple arched entrance had bronze doors and was surrounded by carved brownstone with theatrical masques, lions, and floral motifs. A.M. Miller, a Duluth lumberman, financed the Lyceum which opened in 1892, and operas, plays, and vaudeville performed here until 1921, when it became a movie house. It was demolished in 1966, but the theatrical masques were saved to grace the entrance to the Depot Theatre, and the stone lions stand guard at the Duluth Zoo.

From Images of America: Duluth Minnesota
by Sheldon T. Aubut and Maryanne C. Norton

5 thoughts on “Lyceum Theater

  1. We’re dull and out of it? Not likely, with buildings like these. As long as Duluth has this kind of architecture, it will be a Midwest leader in tourism.
    What? Demolished? Oh. Well, it’s still a neat city, thanks to blogs like this.

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  3. I am from Duluth although I have lived in Minneapolis the last 45 years. I remember the Lyceum Theatre well. It is a shame they dmolished the building. It should have been historic and still standing today.

  4. Mom told me many stories about the Lyceum. She did see a lot of the old stars during the Vaudville Era. Being a good church member she had to ‘sneak’ into the theater as a child. I did see a few movies in there before it was torn down.

  5. My great grandfather Theodore Bollman played with his theater company at the Lyceum at the very beginning. Shame all these wonderful old buildings are lost – many to fires prior to 1900.

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