Local news from 20 and 40 years ago from the Duluth News-Tribune. This column appears daily Monday through Saturday in the Duluth News-Tribune. Researched and written by the Reference Staff at the Duluth Public Library. 

New Tribune
February 24, 1967 

The hiring of 11 new officers next week will bring the Duluth Police Department to full strength, Chief Edward T. Bird said yesterday. The new officers will go through a six-week training period.

Burglars stole a 300-pound safe early yesterday from the Balzer Walgreen Drug Store in Superior by carrying it off in one of the store’s shopping carts. The safe contained an estimated $1,500 in cash.

New Tribune
February 24, 1987

Camp Roundelay, where Northland Girl Scouts have camped for 25 years, will be closed this summer for financial reasons, it was announced yesterday. Northern Pine Girl Scouts Council officials hope to reopen the camp in 1988.

City administrators proposed a new downtown Duluth parking plan at last night’s City Council meeting that would offer half-hour free parking. The plan received lukewarm reception from councilors who want it extended to one hour.

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