Local news from 20 and 40 years ago from the Duluth News-Tribune. This column appears daily Monday through Saturday in the Duluth News-Tribune. Researched and written by the Reference Staff at the Duluth Public Library.  

March 30, 1967
News Tribune

A new traffic-control system for downtown Duluth that will be regulated by a computer in City Hall is now being installed. The computer will control traffic lights to adjust to the amount and speed of traffic.

Dairy farmers in the Twin Ports area earn considerably less than the amount claimed in a recent news story, a National Farmers Organization representative said yesterday. Local farmers’ share of the price of a half gallon of milk is 18 cents, she said.

March 30, 1987
News Tribune

An early morning fire yesterday gutted the Cook County Curling Club in Grand Marais. There were no injuries, but the building was a total loss, according to Grand Marais Fire Chief Dwane Smith, who estimated the damage at $75,000.

A new technology for making rubber roofs from recycled tires could boost sales for the Tirecycle plant in Babbitt. The plant grinds old tires into dust that is then used to manufacture marketable products.

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