Local news from 20 and 40 years ago from the Duluth News-Tribune. This column appears daily Monday through Saturday in the Duluth News-Tribune. Researched and written by the Reference Staff at the Duluth Public Library.  

News Tribune
April 4, 1967

Members of the Plaisted Polar Exploration were awaiting a break in the weather last night before they travel the five miles from Nansen Sound to the open water of the polar ice cap.

One of the latest innovations in newspaper advertising will be featured in a full-colored Imperial Margarine ad in tomorrow’s News Tribune. The new process, called Spectacolor, allows a newspaper to have magazine-quality color.

News Tribune
April 4, 1987

Members of a visiting delegation from Petrozavodsk, U.S.S.R., and officials from Duluth yesterday discussed possibilities for exchanges between the two sister cities. Ideas discussed included college scholarships and information on winter navigation and water quality.

A traveling exhibit featuring one of the four original copies of the Magna Carta and the original Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence opened its doors yesterday morning at the Depot. The exhibit’s one-day stop in Duluth drew 3,500 people.

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